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We proofread all types of documents written in English and we are specialists in scientific and technical texts. Your document will be checked by our specialised editorial team (linguists, native English speakers, doctors/PhDs in scientific fields and professionals in technical fields and medicine). Excellence in research needs to go hand in hand with publication of results in English in international journals and conferences.

Communication and feedback are the base of our system, by which we preserve the intellectual integrity of the text and enable authors to improve their own language level (along with the polished text, we send you a summary of the changes, with an explanation of grammatical and other errors).

If you prefer not to write in English (you do not have time or are not able to), we can translate your documents – our system ensures that the ideas in the original document are carried over to the English version, avoiding literal translations.

Type Cost (cents € per word)
Standard Proofreading 0.02-0.06
Technical Proofreading
Standard Translation 0.07-0.09
Technical Translation 0.09-0.11

These prices are indicative only. The cost varies according to how quickly you need the work done and the complexity of the text, which affects the time taken. Hence the cost per word is lower with longer documents (due to repetition of vocabulary etc.) and when the level of English means that the degree of amendment required (in corrections) is reduced.

For a no-obligation quote
•send us your document to or
•tell us what the document is for – which can affect the style, especially the requirement for American or British English
•when you need the work completed.

We give quotations based on a random sample of the document, hence the final price may be less than the quotation: it will never be more.

NOTE: We are happy to receive texts in a variety of formats, including documents from Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, and LaTex files. For proofreading we give you the choice of using the "track changes" tool provided by Office software and the equivalent in OpenOffice, or alternative methods of indicating changes e.g. coloured text, if you use other software such as LaTex.

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