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English is the language of the global scientific and technical community. Ideas Need® Communicating offers spectrum of services to help you communicate your ideas in English.

Ideas Need® Communicating has developed through family teamwork. The technical English teaching and proofreading is coordinated by Julia. She is British, has a degree in Physics, a Masters in Communicating Science, a PhD in Optoelectronics and the Cambridge University Certificate in Teaching English Language to Adults (CELTA). Julia started teaching general English but, given her background, quickly moved on to specialize in English for academic purposes and technical English. She is supported by her husband, Berni, who has a degree in Ecology & Biology and is a qualified vet; he collaborates in the design of courses and masterminds the business side. The latest addition to the team was born in 2007.

• For our Intensive immersion courses and Professional tuition we draw from a good cohort of teachers with extensive experience and appropriate expertise
depending on the needs of the students.

• In the case of our Proofreading and translation service, the correction of text is always carried out by an expert in technical English in consultation with the author(s). Translations by qualified translators are given a final polish by an expert in technical English in consultation with the author(s), taking care to preserve the ideas in the original.

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