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Improve your communication skills in English. We specialise in English for professionals in technical fields providing:


Intensive immersion courses - personalised intensive courses, rapid progress through immersion

Professional tuition - technical English language classes, tuition in your workplace

Proofreading and translation - your papers and reports proofread or translated for publication in English


Intensive immersion courses for when you need to improve fast. Typically over a week or a long weekend, courses are run for small groups of professionals. We offer general courses, Business English and specialise in technical and scientific fields (e.g. human & veterinary medicine, engineering, pharmaceutical, academic and commercial R&D). You use only English all day: breakfast with your teacher, personalised tuition and plenty of practise during other activities. Experience total immersion in a luxury country house or in a setting you choose.

For more information on see Immersion.

Professional tuition usually in your place of work with a small group of colleagues (<6). Perhaps you read documents in English for work, but lack confidence when it comes to talking with a native speaker on the phone, speaking in a meeting or writing a report. Unlike other classes the syllabus is based on your needs e.g. technical vocabulary, networking, presentation skills, travelling. You tell us what you need and dedicated materials are prepared especially for your classes.

For more information on see Tuition.

Proofreading and translation of your work. We specialize in correcting documents you write in English. Before you submit your hard work to peer review for publication or take a presentation to an international conference, get it polished by a native English speaker, who has a PhD and is familiar with the publication process. The service includes consulting you, over the telephone or in person, to ensure that any changes accurately reflect your intention. Intellectual integrity is the key. Translation of technical text is also offered.

For more information on see Proofreading.

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