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To help you make continual progress in your English language skills we offer ongoing tuition in your place of work, usually in Small closed groups of people working the same technical field. This is an ideal way to build on the progress you have made at one of our Intensive Immersion courses. To help you focus on you priorities, the teaching is personalised to your professional requirements and we come to you.

Professional requirements

We are specialists in technical and scientific language. Our professional tuition:

• improves your fluency
• widens your vocabulary - both general and technical
• strengthens your writing skills - from emails to formal reports
• corrects your pronunciation, in particular of technical jargon (since on paper it may appear similar in many European languages, but the pronunciation is often very different
• helps you prepare for giving a presentation, chairing a meeting, travelling to a conference, welcoming English-speaking visitors
• overall builds your confidence to operate professionally in the medium of English

We like to incorporate materials provided by you in class activities and projects, to make them realistic and as useful as possible to you.


We come to you, to help you fit English in with other priorities in your busy schedule. The class can be in an office or small meeting room, depending on the size of group.

At the moment we can only offer this service in the Bilbao metropolitan area.

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