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We work on your priorities - if that means designing a new course to help you prepare for a special challenge coming up in your professional life we will be delighted to use our experience to help. For example, your organisation is about to host an international meeting. You (and your colleagues) need to improve in diverse areas from vocabulary for reserving accommodation and welcoming visitors, to pronunciation for your presentation.

Typical day

8.30 am
Breakfast with teacher(s) and discuss morning news
9.30 am
Class - Role play "Meeting People": developing your language, vocabulary and structures, to explain what you do at work
11.30 am
Coffee break
12.00 pm
Class - "Giving a Presentation": from useful expressions to coping with questions from your audience
2.00 pm
Lunch with teacher(s)
3.00 pm
Private Study including preparation of afternoon activity
4.00 pm

English tea and feedback from morning classes
5.00 pm
Activity e.g. give presentation, present poster, extended roleplay, watch documentary & discuss, debate
7.00 pm
Reading or game
8.30 pm
9.30 pm
Reflect on the day or relax with a video/music before bed.

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