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Example Courses and Prices

All packages are inclusive of teaching, accommodation in en suite rooms, meals and other activities based at the accommodation; Spanish VAT (IVA) is included in the price. The cost of travel to the course and any day trips during the course are not included.

Prices vary considerably depending on the type of course you choose: number of days, number of people (maximum of 4 or, on request, 8 in shared rooms) and the intensity of the programme; a supplement is payable for one-to-one teaching. Remember that in all immersion courses the syllabus is determined by your needs and that there are lots of activities, in addition to the hours of classes, which provide opportunities to use and learn English.

Example courses, with all-inclusive cost per person:

A)Super Intensive Weekend (2 nights) with a total of 24 hours of contact time, including group classes (10 hours with a maximum 3 students), 1 hour of one-to-one coaching, workshops e.g. extended role plays or interview practice, and social activities: 677 €. Participating in this programme you will achieve a notable improvement in fluency; you cover a wide variety of structures and vocabulary, applying them to your field of work; and develop a personal study plan.

B)Working Week Course (from Sunday night to Friday afternoon) with a total of 50 contact hours including 4 hours of group class/day (4 students), private tutorials (15 mins every day) plus workshops and social activities: 1270 €. Participating in this programme you, besides the results of A, have time to consolidate new language.

C)Immersion Week (7 nights from Sunday to Sunday), with a total of 84 contact hours, including 6 hours of class/day (3 students), private tutorials (15 mins every day) plus workshops and social activities: 2025 €. Participating in this programme (and on longer or repeat stays) you have time to complete personal projects (e.g. prepare a report or develop an oral presentation) and you will feel the real impact of the immersion method; students report that they are “thinking in English”.

Please contact us, without commitment, for a quote for a course tailored to your requirements.
You can join a group consisting of other professionals with similar needs to you. Alternatively, you can reserve a private course for you and your colleagues. Discounts are available for groups of four to eight.

If you prefer, you can request that we come to you, to your office, a conference suite or university. We offer a Full Day (8 hours) of Intensive Coaching for 490 €/day, for example to develop a presentation for an international conference or to prepare an article for publication.

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